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Day Respite

At Homelink we provide a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment, in our purpose-built centre.

Our friendly staff team are experienced in caring for people with a range of conditions affecting older people including, but not limited to, dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s, arthritis, diabetes, MS, mobility issues and social isolation.  

To arrange an informal visit, find out how we can help, or to discuss fees and charges, please get in touch.


We offer a range of activities tailored to the individual interests of our clients that support wellbeing, encourage connection and engage both body and mind. Examples include discussion groups, movement, music, arts and crafts, virtual reality and time to socialise. Our interactive table enables clients to take part in fun and meaningful activities together.

A home from home

The day centre is light and airy with comfortable seating in a relaxed, homely environment. Next to the lounge is a spacious dining area and kitchen, where hot meals are served each day.


The upstairs lounge, where small group activities take place, is fully accessible via the lift.


Sensory garden

At the rear of the centre is our delightful sensory garden. The garden is a space that gives clients an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and nature in a safe environment.

The plants and flowers have been selected specifically for their stimulating colours and scents.

"Homelink allows Mum to be herself again in a safe, kind, warm and friendly environment. For those few hours she isn't a person who is living with dementia, or someone being cared for or an ageing mother - she is an individual and treated as such. She isn't scared or confused and she isn't alone. It isn't always easy getting her to leave the warmth of her bed in the morning, but I know after a day at Homelink she will be happier, more relaxed and more alert. As her dementia develops there are now days when she wants to sleep for a short time afterwards but much of the time, especially in the summer, she wants to continue to engage with life by pottering in the garden on her return or get out her painting book. If she is happy and content it makes me happy and in turn makes life caring for someone with dementia just a little easier."


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